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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making the most of free time in Ramadan

I'm not working full time this year, in fact my part time job has me work at home and occasional meetings around town. This means that I'm home a lot! I'm working on some other projects but my time is very unstructured and relatively unscheduled. I've been praying for and working towards getting a more permanent and full time job. I wish I had a real work schedule with a steady paycheck like everyone else. However with Ramadan in full swing I have started to be more thankful that I am home more and have the time to work around my fasting and prayer schedule. Instead of bemoaning my lack of a proper job, I'm grateful for the time this Ramadan. I can take longer to do my prayer and read more of the Qur'an throughout the day. I can also cook in peace and sit down with my family for dinner without stress and time constraint. Can I get an Alhumdulillah! I'm making the most of my extra time and long days by increasing my worship and reflection. Each year I attempt to recite the entire Qur'an in the month, and each year I fall short of my goal because of work or classes. However this year I think I can reach that goal. I have kept up my recitation and have been able to complete a 1/30th of the Qur'an each day, which will allow me to have it completed in a month. I guess this is my prayers answered from the years before when I prayed that I had more time to worship and reflect. I know for most the long day of fasting coupled with work must be taxing and exhausting. Thank you God for making my work such that I can rest and spend more time in worship and reflection.

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