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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My new photography project

I've been working on my photography again and really enjoying it! It helps that I finally have a camera that I have always dreamed of owning. I've come a long way from working my dad's minolta point and shoot camera as a child. I was the designated photographer of the family other than my dad since I was the eldest and only one who could keep a steady hand when taking pictures. My travels have also inspired me and I have taken my best photographs on the road somewhere. Well, I have decided to do something with my photography and created this http://quranicphotography.tumblr.com/

This picture was taken in India on the way to my Uncle's house from the airport and the sun was rising and everything was still covered in mist and darkness. I love the contrast between the darkness and emerging light. 

This is a way to combine two of my passions, photography and my religion. I hope that viewers take away some inspiration from the picture or the verse or both. Please feel free to share the pictures as long as you give credit to me. Thanks and enjoy!

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